Access Engineering Products Pvt. Ltd. has been operating since 1992 and is renowned for its design, production, and installation of a broad range of access towers, scaffolds, trusses, ladders, and ground support equipment made from aluminium and steel. As pioneers in this industry in India, we have maintained our position and quality by continuously exploring new applications through innovation. Our reputation for excellence is well-established, with hundreds of completed orders and over 200 loyal clients who repeatedly place orders.

Key features of the solutions offered at Access Engineering 

Access towers, scaffolds, and platforms are built to be effortlessly disassembled and assembled by hand, without requiring any particular skill and taking only a few minutes to set up. These access solutions are equipped with a one-of-a-kind and creative rapid-action release trigger, known as the Snaplock Mechanism (Brace Hook), patented by the Indian Government’s Controller of Patents. Access Engineering specialises in offering the safest access solutions to a wide range of industry verticals, including: 

· Hospitality & Entertainment

· Aviation, Aerospace & Defence

· Food & Pharmaceuticals

· Power Generation & Distribution

· Engineering & Automobiles

· Petrochemicals & Fertilisers

· Construction

· Institutes & Establishments

Engineering expertise

Access Engineering’s primary area of expertise lies in the conception, design, and production of lightweight and highly portable scaffolds that cater to a wide range of sectors. These innovative access systems possess remarkable flexibility, with components that can navigate through narrow spaces and tackle complex geometries such as building over structures, standing over uneven, curved, tapered, or stepped ground surfaces, and assembling in cramped areas between machinery and plants. We offer a complete spectrum of access applications, providing solutions to meet any requirement.

Vision and mission

Access Engineering Products Private Limited, based in Bangalore, is dedicated to offering world-class access solutions to a wide range of sectors. We aim to improve safety through constant innovation in manufacturing procedures and product quality. Access Engineering takes a proactive approach to engineering issue-solving and produces need-oriented solutions to meet the client’s needs. We always strive to surpass client expectations in terms of quality, pricing, delivery, and service.

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