ACD’s Wind Velocity Monitor /Switch was prompted by some serious crane accidents during erections of tall constructions, where wind conditions appear to have been a major contributing factor.

What is your expectation from the EXCON ’19?
Excon is the premier exhibition of construction equipment in India. Numerous visitors come with the expectations of finding new products for their industry.

Industrial Safety of machines and men is still in the nascent stages in our country. Many people don’t know the products available for their application.

ACD is in the field of wind, air and vibration monitoring for the last 45 years. Understanding the requirements of safety, we developed

  • Wind monitor/switch for tower cranes /
    crawler cranes
  • Vibration switches for the VSI crushers

These switches act as safety switches in the construction industry and in the mining industry.
We would like to create awareness among the people of the availability of these safety switches in the market and help them implement them in their workplace thus increasing the workplace safety.

What are the new product launches you have planned for Excon 19?
For Excon 2019, we are launching the wireless version of our wind monitoring switch. This will be especially useful for crawler cranes as it will eliminate the wire between the controller cabin and the moving crane boom.

How do you respond to the market, what are the USP of your products that allows you to stand tall?
We are constantly in touch with our clients, be it the OEM manufacturers or the end users to take product feedback from them. We are constantly upgrading our instruments accordingly.

The products are completely designed and manufactured by us. This is one of the main USP of our products as this enables us to provide timely and reliable customer support to our clients. This also enables us to customise our products as per their requirements

Looking at the market opportunities, what are your focus areas?
We are in the field of wind, air velocity and vibration monitoring. Our products are mainly supplied in the Construction and the mining industries.

ACD’s Wind Velocity Monitor/Switch was prompted by some serious crane accidents during erections of tall constructions, where wind conditions appear to have been a major contributing factor. This proves to be very useful device for Safety of Tower/Crawler Cranes

ACD vibration switches can be directly installed in place of mechanical vibration switches and offer immense advantages. The basic sensor is piezoelectric accelerometer which has no moving parts. These electronically integrate the acceleration signal giving velocity signal. Vibration could be controlled very precisely with graduated controls. Built in electronic delay takes care of startup and other spurious signals. Remote reset is another positive advantage. Some of the applications are cooling towers, centrifuges, large motors and generators, compressors, VSI crushers, naval vessels etc.

What is your current market share in the different product categories?
We are one of the few indigenous manufacturers for wind velocity and vibration monitoring equipment in India. The instruments are completely designed and manufactured by us.

Considering the indigenous nature of our products and the service support provided by us, we are the preferred supplier of these products in India.

What is your view on the future of the OEMs in India?
India is a country where people have a right mix of technical knowhow and ingenuity. This has led to a good growth of local OEMs in India.

Globally people have started looking at Indian OEMs as providers of quality products at reasonable prices. This will definitely lead to a good growth for OEMs in India.

Ajit Paralkar,CEO, ACD Machine Control

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