The company offers welding and cutting robotic automation solutions for fabrication industries with back to back guaranteed performance and services.
How do you see the market for welding products in India?
The welding products are being the intermittent goods, often get immediately affected due to recession and other market related constraints. However, with the improvement in the financial status and various infrastructure investments, welding products are poised to grow from its present stalemate status, where in automation and advance welding technologies will be the priorities.

In the age of industrial IoT what changes have taken place in the welding sector?
The advanced manufacturing with less manpower intensive processes have come to stay in this industry. More and more companies are investing in these technologies to achieve higher yield and repeated qualities in manufacturing.

When it comes to availability of trained welders in India today, what is your take? How are you supporting this initiative?
The acute shortage of well qualified welders is being felt during last ten years of the welding industries. In fact, the qualified welders have become a commodity today throughout the world. The good quality training program can resolve this issue amicably. Unfortunately, the qualities of the training imparted by most of the organizations are far below the required standards and are way apart from hands-on training program. Actually, the welders need to know the process nomenclatures, Welding process and parametric constraints, and knowhow with show how. These are the real parameters of the training program, apart from blindly following the standards.

What solutions will you be showcasing at Excon?
At Excon 2019, we shall show case the Robotic Welding Solution for optimization of the productivities in Yellow goods industries

How is your range of welding and cutting automation systems unique in comparison with the other players in the industry?
We offer the complete welding and cutting robotic automation solution for fabrication industries with back to back guaranteed performance and services. We even run the systems over the pre agreed period with our own manpower to deliver the quantities with assured quality.

Subhrajyoti Mukhopadhyay, Managing Director, Automation India Welding Technology Pvt Ltd

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