CDE Asia participated in a one-day seminar on Precast Concrete Technology organized by the Bengaluru Centre of Indian Concrete Institute (BC-ICI) on September 7, 2019. As the name indicates, the seminar focussed on the surging need and rising popularity of the precast technology among the Indian realty sector, especially among builders looking for a definitive edge in quality, speed of construction and a value-for-money product. As has been proven, precast technology saves up to 64% of the time taken for similar projects built using the normal brick and mortar method, and is ideal for use in diverse applications due to its read-to-use, easy-to-install and high weather resistance features.

Gold sponsor of the event, CDE Asia, was represented by Dr. A. Bandopadhyay, Chief Technologist, who made a highly informed and thought-provoking presentation on “Advantages of Washed M-Sand Vs VSI Dust”. The presentation was set against the galloping use of concrete to meet the overwhelming demands of construction across the world. As a consequence of such a situation, comes the steady depletion of natural sand reserves, the major aggregate in concrete, leading to the construction industry leaving the biggest ‘sand footprint’ in the world. To put it plainly, we are faced with apocalyptic situation in view of natural sand sources, one which has prompted illegal sand mining and export activities.

However, alternatives have emerged. Among these is the low-cost option of VSI crushed fines or the waste material obtained from crushed rocks. What may seem a quick fix at first glance is, however, a limited one in many aspects. Unwashed crushed rock fines do not meet the prescribed IS- Standards in more ways than one. Unwashed fines have a high level of minus 150 microns and provide an unreliable additive for concrete, which being expensive and the pillar of the realty sector, cannot afford low quality, weakness or vulnerability. Due to inherent weaknesses, unwashed fines cannot adapt to the diverse needs of the industry, making it suitable only for unsophisticated operations where budget is prioritized over quality.

The construction industry is gradually leaning towards quality over cost and strength over vulnerability. As stated by Dr. A. Bandopadhyay, CDE washed M-Sands are the way to go! For one, washed sands treated by the CDE plant are tailor-made to the customer’s need and achieves specific grades and fineness modulus. More and more quarry operators and concrete producers are switching to CDE washed products as they enhance their offering in terms of grades, value for money, quantity and delivery time. Operators who have switched to CDE have noticed immediate benefits to washing materials in terms of their client offering, predicted profit margins and simple ease of use as CDE products are built to last and dedicated to customer care protocols. It can be safely said that choosing materials washing is the only sensible path to follow in the current scenario of quality sand needs in the burgeoning Indian and global construction landscapes. CDE Asia has been particularly successful in introducing M-Sand technology throughout the Asia in 40 cities and 12 countries – a feat unmatched in the wet processing equipment industry. n

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