If you are doubtful about purchasing a new equipment, renting is a quick fix which is a more economical solution that can work best for your business.

Renting have following benefits:
Low capital requirement: Compared to purchasing a new equipment, renting has a very low initial investment. This saves you valuable cash that can be used for other demands of the business

Higher flexibility: You are not stuck with an equipment that you may not use for future projects. Hence, you are free to choose to explore multiple projects instead of being limited by your equipment.

Less liability: Renting means you only pay when you use the machine. For short duration projects, you pay for the equipment only when you need it.

There are some disadvantages to renting equipment which can be mitigated by choosing your partner after thorough research:

Dependence on owner: As a renter, you are bound by the terms of your rental contract. You are limited in what you can do with your equipment in terms of usage and relocation is also an issue. You may need to rent a new machine in a different state which increases costs and can cause project delays.

Professionalism: The owners of the equipment may not always be professional and may not adhere to the contract and government regulations. This can cause delays and unnecessary hassles to ensure the terms of the contract are followed.

Service and maintenance: Your service and maintenance request must pass through the owner to the equipment manufacturer. This inevitably leads to delays and hence a lower uptime.

Operation: Mahindra ensures not only your machine uptime, but also provides an expert operator with the machine. Which means no more head-hunting.

Renting a Mahindra CE machine:
The Mahindra Rental Services addresses all the issues that an equipment renter is apprehensive of:

Professionally managed: As part of the Mahindra group, Mahindra Rental Services is committed to the satisfaction of customers. Your concerns will be dealt with in a professional manner and resolved at the earliest.

Compliant machines: You can rest assured that your equipment will meet all the government regulations and be properly insured, always.

Service and Maintenance: Being an equipment manufacturer, Mahindra CE takes care of all the maintenance and service tasks for your equipment. You don’t need to worry about the condition of your machine, manage the service timings or keep track of schedules. This means you are free to focus on the growth of your business and not the working of your equipment.

Additional benefits with Mahindra Rental services:
Equipment at your doorstep: Mahindra ensures that your equipment is delivered to your site free of charge! This means you can start your project immediately without the additional cost of arranging for transportation and ensuring safe delivery.

Pan India coverage: Got a new project in another state? No problem! Mahindra provides rental services all across India.

Young fleet: Mahindra Rental Services has a fleet of young machines. This means there is a lower chance of breakdown and a high uptime. n

for more information, contact:
Email : deep.abhinav@mahindra.com
Web: mahindraconstructionequipment.com

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