Dalmia InfraGreen: Revolutionising Cement Solutions for Sustainable Infrastructure Development in India. By achieving early strength, cost savings, and resource conservation, it drives swift project completion and eco-friendly practices. Recognised for innovation and efficiency, it leads the way for greener construction.

In the ever-evolving landscape of infrastructure development, Dalmia InfraGreen has emerged as a game-changer, offering innovative cement solutions that align with green and sustainable practices. This revolutionary product boasts numerous advantages that set it apart from traditional cement options, transforming the design and construction of infrastructure projects in India.

Advantages of Dalmia Infragreen

Dalmia InfraGreen’s M40 Grade Concrete achieves remarkable 28-day strength in just 7 days for PQC Taxiway Panels, showcasing its exceptional early strength characteristics. Moreover, in an NHAI project, Dalmia InfraGreen replaced OPC 43, leading to a remarkable 20% cost savings in material and labour while achieving an impressive 7-day compressive strength in just 3 days. This demonstrates its efficiency in delivering both cost-effectiveness and swift construction progress.

Additionally, Dalmia InfraGreen can be the preferred choice for precast elements like Rapid Cure AAC Blocks used by Joyous Co., Durgapur, resulting in significant savings of 6–11% and improved productivity for the precast manufacturer. This highlights its efficacy in promoting green and sustainable precast construction practices.

Recognition and implications

The remarkable contributions of Dalmia InfraGreen have not gone unnoticed. The product was nominated in the esteemed category of “Innovation to Drive Sustainability” in the ET Innovation Awards 2019 and secured the prestigious title of 1st Runner-Up, showcasing its significant impact and recognition in the construction industry. Later in 2022, the same product helped our company become one of the Top 50 Innovative Companies in India 2022, as awarded by the Confederation of Indian Industry.

Key takeaways

Dalmia InfraGreen’s key attributes present a compelling case for its adoption in construction projects. It significantly reduces curing time, requiring only three to seven days instead of the traditional three to four weeks. This accelerated timeline positively impacts project completion, making it an attractive choice for time-sensitive projects.

Moreover, it demands approximately 25% less cement and 20% less water consumption, contributing to resource conservation and promoting eco-friendly construction practices. The cement also delivers impressive strength, 15-20% higher than OPC, ensuring long-lasting and durable infrastructure.

Advantages for future development

Dalmia InfraGreen holds immense potential for future development in both infrastructural and large-scale housing projects. Its ability to reduce project completion time significantly enhances project efficiency and drives a quicker return on investment. This specialist green solution renders construction greener, aligning with the growing global focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Core Values Driving Success:

The core values of Dalmia InfraGreen centre around saving time, money, and resources. Its high early strength and durability make it a reliable choice for projects requiring swift construction and long-lasting performance. Moreover, its ability to open facilities within 3–7 days further underlines its efficiency in meeting tight project schedules.

Dalmia InfraGreen stands as a leading example of innovation in cement technology, championing sustainability in the construction industry. With its impressive advantages and recognition, it paves the way for a greener and more efficient approach to infrastructure development, making it a catalyst for positive change in the construction landscape.

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This article has been authored by Dr. Sujit Ghosh, Head of New Product and R&D, Dalmia Cement (Bharat) Limited.

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