Operational safety and safety at work are the two most important points for the management who are in charge of the intra-company material flow.

With frequent accidents involving industrial trucks, Linde has set a motto “Zero Accidents”. This helps the company in pursuing a comprehensive philosophy of safety. One of the most important things is the operational safety and safety at work.

Linde’s goal is good logistics which prevents 100 per cent accidents. With this very focus in mind Linde is developing innovative machinery in industrial trucks as well as intelligence assistance systems, comprehensive training programs and consulting services. The outcomes are articulate results which help operators adapt to the varied challenges of modern intra-logistics.

Safety: Made standard feature

Modern industrial trucks and their operators are now facing an increasing demand day-by-day to perform the perfect work. The trucks have to be very efficient and work faster with rapid flexibility. With increasing demands at work the risks of accidents also increases. And so forklifts and warehousing handling equipment from Linde have various different features designed for the maximum safety.

For example, the Linde Protector Frame on the Linde counter balanced forklift truck offers top-notch protection to the driver. The protective canopy and frame form an enclosed area to protect the driver completely. Through the overhead tilt cylinder, the truck’s load is distributed evenly across its entire structure.

Further, the composition of the tilt cylinder allows the use of slim profile lift masts. This gives the driver a clear vision. In order to effectively guard against the truck tipping over in all loading and driving situations, the overall system is designed such that the centre of gravity is as far forward and as low down as possible.

Similar design details which help to improve safety are to be found on all Linde industrial trucks. The driver’s workplace is designed in such a way so that the latter’s body stay within the outlines of the truck and at the same time he can keep an eye on the surrounding environment.

Intelligence assistance systems

Technology is of utmost importance while handling any kind of machinery. It is one of the most crucial elements in getting the work done. However, most of the accidents that happen at the workplace can be traced back to human error.

But at Linde one can be rest assured; Linde Material handling driver’s assistance support the driver by all means and keeping their work safe.

Innovative equipment such as Linde Speed Assist and Linde Curve Assist which automatically adjust the power output of the engine and the speed of the truck to the surrounding environment and the driving situation.

Some examples of intelligent assistance systems are developments such as Dynamic Mast Control or Linde Blue Spot.

Dynamic Mast Control strongly takes care of the to and fro movements of the mast on a lift truck. This feature allows the forklift drivers to operate accurately and cautiously even at greater heights along with heavy loads.

Linde BlueSpot offers great safety where people and forklifts work in tandem with each other.

Safety begins with the driver

Well trained drivers are essential to carry out smooth operations and reduce the incidences of accidents and material damage.

Linde Academy offers an in-depth education regarding training programs for novice drivers and specialists in all types of truck handling. The focus of these sessions is providing a comprehensive education and safety instructions and adequate training in both theory and practice.

The Linde Safety pilot is a turning point in the development of the safety systems and is surely a huge development in the safety systems. It keeps the driver informed of all the important specifications which includes the current load weight. And that’s not all it also actively prevents various operating lapses.

Digital Fleet Management as a safety measure

With the Digital Fleet Management at Linde, it offers various solutions which improve the safety of the driver. Linde has the personalised access controls feature in which the operator can structure the truck for any particular driver. Depending on the purpose of the truck the maximum speed can be limited. Digital fleet management also offers other functions such as electronic damage monitoring, automated transmission of error codes and analysis of usage data.

(Source: Linde Material Handling India


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