According to market demand, we keep track of project development and perform maintenance regularly, using genuine and recommended filters along with lubrication, says Akshay Bhorkar, Sales Director of NB Engineering Equipment. we keep track of machine performance accordingly

How do you look at the demand for truck platforms and boom lifts?
The number of new constructions in several developed and emerging cities is rising after a prolonged depression in the global construction market. The demand for aerial work platform trucks is expected to grow significantly. Now many infra projects like Bullet Train, Metros, Sealink, airport & refinery are ongoing, for which they require Boom lifts and Truck platforms. Safety is the primary concern for all customers who do safe and height work. Truck mounted boom lifts and Boom lift is a suitable for these entire projects. In the upcoming days, there will be a massive demand for truck-mounted boom lifts and Boom lifts.

An aerial work platform is a mechanical device that provides temporary access for people or equipment to inaccessible areas, usually at height. There are distinct types of mechanised access platforms, including scissor lifts, vertical mast lifts, articulating and telescopic boom lifts, crawler lifts, and truck-mounted lifts. Truck mounted boom lift is suitable for the same because Truck mounted easily to mobilise from one place to another place, and we can put it anywhere on the road.

You are also active in equipment rentals and contracting; how do you find the demand for fuel-efficient and sustainable equipment?
Sustainability is making its way through every industry, but in the construction sector, there is a lot of opportunity for improvement. Fuel efficiency reduces fuel costs and consumption and minimises the project’s carbon footprint, reducing its negative impact on the planet. For better performance and sustainability of equipment, we do regular periodic maintenance and use genuine parts also good quality lubrication.

How do you increase the load capacities of your equipment whilst maintaining the cost and improving uptime?
Breakdown maintenance and repair is the after-the-fact restoration of failed equipment. Preventive maintenance is the systematic servicing of equipment to reduce the possibility of failure. Per market demand, we keep track of project development accordingly, do the maintenance at periodic times, and use genuine and suggested filters along with the lubrication. It helps to improve the performance of machines as well as life.

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