Though the waterproofing industry faces challenges in terms of low awareness levels, consumers are slowly understanding their importance in increasing the longevity of buildings says Tapas Saha, DGM – Product Development, AIPL Zorro Pvt Ltd

what is the market size of waterproofing chemicals in India?
India construction chemicals market is projected to exhibit a CAGR of over 15% by 2023. Growth in the market can be attributed to increasing construction of residential houses and commercial complexes across the country. Moreover, there is growing investment in the country’s infrastructure projects by the government as well as private companies. Additionally, government regulations pertaining to the use of construction chemicals with low VOC, especially in Green Building Concept based construction projects, would further propel demand for quality construction chemicals in the coming years.

Given the wide range of applications of waterproofing chemicals across different segments, which segment offers you good business?
Waterproofing chemicals market has been segmented into walls, roofing, basement, flooring, tunneling and others. Among these, walls and roofing segments are estimated to dominate the application segment owing to the successful implementation of waterproofing chemicals in the commercial and a construction industry.

What kind of waterproofing chemicals should be used to achieve optimum results and ensure that minimum maintenance is required?
Waterproofing is a basic requirement for all types of structures irrespective of the fact whether they are residential, commercial or industrial buildings. Basically there are two types of waterproofing depending upon the time of application, i.e., either new waterproofing or repairs of old waterproofing. The treatments can be carried out at two stages, i.e., while concreting by use of integral waterproofing compounds or surface coatings after the concrete is hardened. All waterproofing treatments should consider knowing the client’s requirements, investigation, diagnosis, design, and specifications for the waterproofing system, selection of materials, application, supervision, and maintenance.

The construction sector has witnessed a sea of change, high-rises have become a norm in the metros, and likewise what kind of changes and innovations has it led to in the water coatings segment?
In the past few years, there has been an increased awareness among consumers regarding the benefits of construction chemicals’ usage in increasing the longevity of buildings. In spite of the strong growth drivers, the waterproofing industry faces challenges in terms of low awareness levels. The use of construction chemicals is still negligible in India.

What are some of your innovative products offerings in the waterproofing segment?
Going ahead, the construction chemicals AIPL ZORRO PVT LTD is focusing on developing new processes and products with sustainability as the core principle. Increasing Compliance with international manufacturing standards. The new products that have been recently added to our portfolio are Zorrofix epoxy tile grout and Zorrofix tile adhesive.

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