With the MB Crusher Units, you can crush materials on-site, ensuring consistent and high-quality materials that meet your project requirements.

The MB bucket crusher is a game-changing solution for all your crushing needs. Say goodbye to the hassle of procuring crushed aggregates from external sources and take control of your material supply chain.

The MB Crusher Bucket offers unmatched performance and versatility, which allows greater control and flexibility over the material supply chain, ultimately leading to more cost-effective and efficient projects.

Companies that are experiencing difficulty in procuring crushed aggregates, higher transportation costs for procuring materials from a distant source, longer lead times for materials, and consequent delays in project completion, paired with the inability to ensure the quality of the crushed aggregates acquired from external suppliers, can discover the benefits of using the MB Crusher’s Units.

These units are a reliable and flexible solution to reduce transportation costs. With the ability to crush materials on-site, the crusher bucket offers an adaptable and efficient option for road construction projects and many other applications. By using them, companies and professionals can achieve cost savings and control quality by reducing the need for external suppliers. MB Units can also ensure a simple installation process compatible with various HEX and backhoe loader brands and efficient operations.

Crushing aggregates on site

At a remote job site in Nepal, our customers faced challenges obtaining crushed aggregates due to the need for a nearby static crusher site. Procuring materials from a distant source leads to higher costs, longer lead times, and quality control issues.

By attaching the MB Crusher’s BF90.3 jaw crusher to their Doosan DX225 LC Hex, the base machine could be used for crushing river rock directly on-site.

This solution offered essential benefits for the customer: the cost savings resulting from reduced transportation costs and lead time and the consistent and high-quality crushed aggregates.

Save on transportation costs and boost productivity

MB Crusher Bucket BF90.3 proved to be an effective solution for the contractor’s challenges in case of difficulty sourcing crushed material from long distances due to bad weather, high transportation costs for crushed material, and low productivity due to time.

Our Nepalese customer decided to invest in the Bucket Crusher BF90.3, designed to crush stone and demolish waste materials on-site. They used their Kobelco SK220 excavator to operate the MB Crusher BF90.3, which crushed river rock on-site, eliminating the need to transport crushed material. This helped them to save on transportation costs and boost their productivity.

Efficient and cost-effective solution for sites without electricity

An Indian A1 road contractor was commissioned to execute a 10 km road construction project. The project was very remote and located at a high altitude in the mountains. The site was affected by difficulties: the lack of electricity at the project site made it challenging to install a static crusher. The high cost of purchasing raw materials, transportation costs and the rough weather conditions, including heavy snowfall covering the site for nearly half of the year, made it even more difficult to work on the project.

The customer added a BF70.2 jaw crusher to his fleet, equipment that runs on the excavator’s hydraulic system. The MB Unit provided a highly productive solution for crushing the required material, saving time and effort, and proved cost-effective. In addition to this, the equipment’s easy installation and mobilisation made it a versatile tool that could be used in different weather conditions as it moves with the heavy machine.

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