Strong emission norms and financially sound clients who are eager to upgrade are some of the key factors drafting a success story for the crane sector and TIL says Anil Bhatia, VP Sales and Marketing TIL Ltd

How did the 10th edition of Excon turn out?
With the subdued market sentiments, there was a general perception that turnout during Excon would be less compared to previous shows. While it may have been true for day one, in the days that followed, the show witnessed a significant footfall. What’s more important is that quality of footfall this time was much better. Same holds true for turnout at TIL stall. Besides potential prospects and new lead generation, we also saw existing customers turning up, looking to upgrade capacity. All in all, it was a fulfilling experience.

So a lot of new customers and branding did occur
Yes, we saw a significant turnout of quality leads. There is a trend of upscaling that we witnessed. The large pool of crane users/operators using 15-18ton capacity are now opting for higher tonnage like 40-50 Ton, and some are even going straight for 80-100 Ton depending on the requirement. Many clients who contacted us were pick and carry fleet owners with at least to 8-10 machines in their kitty, they were also keen to upgrade.

What is your opinion on the existing market dynamics?
The mobile cranes industry works in a slightly different manner from other equipment segments. Going by the market dynamics, 4-5 years back, it was 75-80 per cent for used equipment and 25-20 per cent for brand new. With the new emission norms in place, big contractors and government companies are no longer using any equipment which is more than 7-10 years old. This has created an opportunity for players like us. Going forward, this ratio is going to improve further towards more new equipment. Our order book is healthy and we actually have to expand our production facilities to keep up with the demand.

The other factor is that the major players in the industry have a strong balance sheet. This enables them to get the requisite funding from all prominent banks

So, in the crane industry, in the segment that we are in, barring the pick and carry segment, all the customers are financially strong. Also, as per various reports, credit profile of construction companies to remain stable in the short to medium term.

So what do you expect from the government?
Govt’s plan to spend Rs100 lakh crore in the infra projects in next five years will trigger further opportunity for companies such as TIL in operating in the infra equipment space. In the highways sector, adequate pipeline of projects for development/upgradation of the national highways and state highways exists. The Bharatmala Pariyojana project itself is expected to provide large opportunities. However, delays in land acquisition, funding issues, and State Government priorities remains key risks to the new order inflows. It is imperative that Govt releases funds immediately- ensuring that projects don’t veer off-track as well as timely completion of projects.

Can you let us know about the products, you introduced at Excon 2019?
The new RT880, we launched at the Excon is the latest entrant in rough terrain hydraulic crane category. It has a blocked duty of 80 tonnes at 3m radius (360 deg slew). The feature that makes the crane special is the 5-section full powered, formed boom extending from 12.1 to 43.8m. There are options for 10.1m fixed lattice and 17.1m tele lattice resulting in a total extended boom length of almost 61m and a maximum tip height of 63.5 m. Compact and highly manoeuvrable with 4×4 drive and 4-wheel steer- the new RT880 comes equipped with a reliable and proven Load Moment Indicator based control system for the crane operations, sophisticated CAN based operator information and interactive system as well as an advanced telematics system. The telematics system is the latest generation Cloud connected machine monitoring solution which captures comprehensive machine data including location details, usage and service information. Being stored in Cloud database, the data is accessible to manufacturer and user from anywhere in the world and enables remote diagnostics and updates.

The other product we launched was Mobiload 415, a new version of Pick N Carry crane with a maximum capacity of 15 MT at 2.5m radius over front for pick-n-carry operations and 8 MT at 2.5 m radius for 360 degrees slew on-tyre duties. The crane features a 4 section boom with extended boom length reaching from 6.5 m to 17m. The first 3 sections are fully powered & fully synchronized and the 4th section is power-positioned. There is an optional 5m jib extension, allowing a total tip height of 24.5 m. Provision of ‘out & down’ type of outriggers at the front results in a highly stable machine. Continuous 360-degree slew is another unique feature that allows efficient load handling. Its front Axle Drive & Steer feature, driveline with proven aggregates and the rigid chassis design give the machine a unique automotive feel and unmatched mobility. The ergonomically designed single man cabin and the fully flat carry-deck allow easy carriage. The machine features electronic Load Moment Indicator to ensure safe operations. With Mobiload 415 –the pick and carry jobs are now made more safe and easy.

Anil Bhatia, VP Sales and Marketing TIL Ltd

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