Dimitrov Krishnan unveils Volvo’s revolutionary concept of ‘equipment as a service,’ empowering customers to embrace new electric technology with confidence seamlessly.

In an exclusive interview with Dimitrov Krishnan, the Managing Director at Volvo CE India, the spotlight is on Volvo’s groundbreaking strides in sustainable construction technology. As we delve into the key highlights of the conversation, it becomes evident that Volvo CE India is not just building machines; they are paving the way for a transformative future in construction.

Excon 2023: A resounding success

Dimitrov Krishnan begins by painting a vivid picture of Excon 2023, which has proven to be a resounding success for Volvo CE India. The event, now in its 12th edition, has seen an overwhelming response, with over 40,000 visitors in the first three days alone. Projections indicate that the total number may surpass 70,000 by the event’s conclusion. The theme, ‘Building India’s Tomorrow,’ resonates seamlessly with Volvo’s commitment to shaping a world where sustainability, technology, inclusiveness, and globalisation take centre stage.

Volvo Construction Equipment India displayed the widest range of electric machines under the theme ‘CHANGE IS HERE,’ establishing a legacy in technology and innovation. Many clients have expressed a genuine interest in adopting electric solutions. This recognition from the industry underscores Volvo’s dedication to pioneering sustainable solutions and redefining the landscape of construction machinery.

Showcasing sustainable technology

Volvo’s priority is to display sustainable technologies, and Dimitrov Krishnan is eager to highlight the company’s electric products. Excon 2023 offered an astonishing selection of battery electric compactors, excavators, and wheel loaders. Volvo’s commitment to versatility and innovation is highlighted by introducing grid-connected excavators to their lineup.

Volvo’s approach is distinguished by the presentation of cutting-edge machinery and by offering complete solutions. Charging solutions take the front stage, designed to charge batteries and connect grid-based machines effortlessly. This dual strategy intends to make the shift to electric equipment more accessible to customers, in line with Volvo’s commitment to environmental responsibility.

One of the noteworthy innovations presented by Volvo is the concept of ‘equipment as a service.’ Dimitrov Krishnan explains that this offering empowers customers to ease into new technology. By gradually allowing them to familiarise themselves with electric equipment, Volvo addresses concerns related to investment and safety, particularly in high-voltage systems. It’s a strategic move to ensure that customers feel confident and comfortable embracing the future of construction technology.

Navigating the electric landscape

As the discussion progresses, Dimitrov Krishnan acknowledges the significant interest from clients in electric technology. Customers are not just intrigued; they are eager to be guided through adopting electric construction solutions. Volvo CE India, Dimitrov Krishnan asserts, is well-positioned to capitalise on this opportunity. Their commitment to understanding and addressing customer needs positions them as a reliable partner in navigating the uncharted territory of electric construction equipment.

Unveiling the future

In response to inquiries about Volvo CE India’s product team pipeline, Dimitrov Krishnan unveils the exciting developments in the works. The machines on display at Excon 2023 included battery electric compactors tailored for both the Indian and global markets, along with wheel loaders sourced from international clients. However, what lies beyond the current showcase is equally intriguing.

Volvo CE India is actively developing stage 5 compactors and wheel loaders, promising even more advanced and efficient solutions shortly. Dimitrov Krishnan anticipates a timely launch of these products, offering a glimpse into the continuous innovation that defines Volvo’s commitment to staying at the forefront of the construction technology landscape.

An announcement that resonates with local and global implications is that SDLG wheel loaders will be manufactured at the Bangalore plant starting in 2024. This move reinforces Volvo CE India’s commitment to localised production, making these loaders readily available for customers, thereby ensuring timely and efficient service.

Charting the course for a sustainable future

As the Managing Director of Volvo CE India, Dimitrov Krishnan’s insights paint a compelling picture of a company at the forefront of sustainable innovation in construction technology. Excon 2023 served as a testament to Volvo’s commitment to shaping the future of construction, anchored in sustainability, technology, inclusiveness, and globalisation.

The unveiling of electric offerings and innovative solutions such as ‘equipment as a service’ positions Volvo CE India as a trailblazer in the industry. The overwhelming response from clients underscores the demand for sustainable construction solutions and the industry’s recognition of Volvo’s leadership in this space.

Looking ahead, Volvo CE India’s product team pipeline promises even more advanced and efficient solutions, reaffirming their dedication to staying ahead of the curve. Localising manufacturing for SDLC view loaders adds a practical dimension to their commitment, ensuring that cutting-edge technology is showcased and readily available to customers.

In the grand narrative of construction’s future, Volvo CE India emerges as a protagonist, navigating the electric landscape with vision, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to sustainability. As the industry evolves, Volvo CE India stands ready to redefine the foundations of construction, building a tomorrow that is not just efficient but truly sustainable.

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