R Sethumadhavan, Head of Volvo Penta India & Industrial Business Unit, discusses Volvo Penta’s role in providing sustainable power solutions across various Industrial sectors, including, construction & mining, Agriculture, material handling and marine. The discussion highlights their strategies, contributions to efficiency, and insights into future developments.

Have you ever wondered what keeps industrial and maritime innovation chugging along? Within the complex web of industry development, Volvo Penta appears not only as an engine supplier but also as a catalyst changing the very currents of development. Let’s investigate how Volvo Penta’s dedication to innovation, sustainability, and unwavering excellence creates a story that goes above the norm and breaks free from the limitations of conventional industrial tales.

Beyond conventional platforms

While industry showcases like Excon provides a stage for engagement, Volvo Penta’s influence transcends the bounds of such events. As part of Volvo Group, Volvo Penta shares technology and innovations to move societies all around the world. The company boasts expertise in manufacturing and innovation of sustainable power solutions with a promise of a high standard of service, environmental protection, and quality. Volvo Penta manufacture and supply diesel engines for industrial gensets, variable speed industrial applications in construction & mining, material handling, agriculture and many others high demanding segments. Volvo Penta also deliver marine propulsion solutions, drivelines, user interfaces and support to our customers across the globe. Diverse stakeholder engagement isn’t confined to event-centric encounters but serves as a continuum, propelling growth through cultivated relationships, innovative strides, and the relentless pursuit of technological advancement.

Empowering titans in construction and mining

Our high-performance diesel engines are based on 100 years of experience as industrial engine manufacturers. Volvo Penta’s engines are powering a variety of construction equipment across the globe. Designed with durable and heavy-duty capability to maximize uptime and minimize fuel consumption. With a range from 105-585 kW/140-785 hp, low fuel consumption, and dependable power output – our off-road engines are a perfect fit for any equipment application Yet, what truly differentiates the brand is a holistic approach, considering not just superior performance but the broader spectrum of total cost of ownership. Tailor-made service solutions maximize your operation’s uptime and productivity.

Hydrogen as next-gen fuel 

Volvo Penta, a subsidiary of Volvo Group, shares the parent company’s commitment to achieving net-zero emissions throughout its value chain by 2040 a decade ahead of the Paris Agreement’s schedule. The strategic alliance with CMB. TECH exemplifies Volvo Penta’s proactive stance. It is an important step in Volvo Penta’s and CMB.TECH’s joint ambition to help accelerate their customers’ transition to net-zero emissions. The strengthened collaboration will create synergies aimed at leveraging the competences and product offerings of both companies – establishing dual-fuel hydrogen technology as a low-carbon interim solution before suitable zero-emissions. Volvo Penta’s hydrogen engine operates similarly to the regular engine model, but mainly uses hydrogen instead of diesel. When hydrogen is not available, traditional fuel can be used. This safeguards productivity and uptime while future-proofing your operations, even without reliable hydrogen infrastructure yet in place. This ambitious move underscores a commitment to carbon reduction and an unmistakable dedication to pioneering sustainable practices, aligning seamlessly with Volvo’s standing as a technological frontrunner.

Electro-mobility and BESS

Volvo Penta is fully committed to developing  reliable electric solutions. Being a part of the Volvo Group grants us access to shared innovations, technology, and advanced electrification platforms. We leverage this and add value by tailoring them for industrial needs of our customers. for a direct path to zero-emission operations. Electric solutions for industrial off-road applications benefit OEMs, fleet owners, and operators by optimizing energy efficiency and reducing wear and tear. This leads to cost savings and improved uptime. Our work in industrial electric solutions is customer and industry-driven. Through close collaboration, we engineer purpose-built electric systems for each project, advancing toward a zero-emissions future.. It manifests the collective resolve to bring avant-garde solutions to a market where evolution is the only constant. Volvo Penta is advancing its net-zero initiatives by also providing its battery energy storage subsystem to BESS manufacturers venturing into charging infrastructure support.

Competitive fortitude

Every challenge is unique, and so are our solutions. In close collaboration with our customers, Volvo Penta delivers electric solutions that are both modular for adaptability and tailored for precision. This ensures optimal performance, efficiency and reliability in any application. 

Battery energy storage will not only bridge the gap between critical energy needs, backup power with renewable energy sources but also play an important role in supporting the growing demand for charging infrastructure. Robust charging is essential for the widespread adoption of electric vehicles and industrial applications, ultimately contributing to a more sustainable future.

This aligns with Volvo Penta’s multi-tenet industrial net-zero strategy, which spans the adoption of alternative fuels, electrification of off-highway applications, battery energy storage subsystems and fuel cell technology development.

Also, Volvo Penta approves the use of hydro-treated vegetable oil (HVO), neat or blended with conventional diesel, in all of its engines globally, enabling a reduction of fossil CO2 emissions by up to 90%.

Future-ready resilience

Gazing into the future, Volvo Penta has set its compass towards fortifying customer relationships and expanding its footprint in the dynamic Indian landscape. Armed with cutting-edge solutions such as the battery energy storage system, the company is poised to confront future challenges head-on. With a legacy spanning over two decades in India, Volvo Penta is relentless in its mission to deliver sustainable power solutions, not merely aspiring to be a market leader but a perpetual custodian of customer trust.

In the intricate dance of maritime and industrial innovation, Volvo Penta emerges not just as an actor but as the choreographer, orchestrating a narrative that seamlessly interweaves resilience, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to navigating a sustainable and efficient future. Beyond the clichés, the company’s story is a symphony of sophistication and prowess, resonating in every product, every innovation, and every stride towards a horizon where excellence and sustainability merge.

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