Discussing the significance of steel for PEB roofing, leading PEB experts briefly explain the benefits, and reliable output that one can obtain by installing steel for roofing. 

The pre-engineered building market in India, over the last decade has transformed itself in leaps and bounds. With the government’s increased focus towards the infrastructural development, the demand for PEB and roofing is further projected to expand in the coming years. 

The PEB market in India demonstrate a pool of opportunities for growth and expansion amid cost complications owing to the fluctuating prices impacted by the global metal trends. The fact that a pre-engineered building enables customisation, further reducing the project timeline, balancing the ecological structural requirement. 

Present market trends 

Steel, being the primary form of a PEB structures, plays a vital role in durability and longevity of any PEB roofing. However, the constant volatility in steel prices has raised eyebrows towards the costing factors for metal and steel roofing in pre-engineered buildings.

According to Sunil Shrivastava, Co-Founder, New Life Steel Structures “The steel construction industry has been going through tremendous changes since pandemic and changes throughout world. There is increase in demand of steel and steel constructions in various aspects. Pre-engineered steel structures advantages have played important role in this increase. From being able to complete the construction of infrastructure at faster pace to having salvage value has attracted customers to opt for steel constructions and products.”

Innovations in designing metal structures for roofing 

For now, no significant advancements in steel structure design have occurred. Usually, tall buildings are made of steel, so the designs have to be unique. In comparison to earlier years, steel is now used in almost all types of construction.

According to Gautam Suri, Director, Interarch Building Products Pvt. Ltd. “Innovative design usually happen in architectural structures like airports and malls, amongst others, where architects create fancy and exceptional designs for construction. Such structures are visually enticing, but we, at Interarch, are not involved in such structural offerings as they are usually site-fabricated structures. Our structures are manufactured in a plant.”

In current market situation, there are various latest trends in PEB sector which offers wide range of options to customer to remediate the disadvantages one gets from steel structures. Noting the same, Sunil says “One of which heat absorptive insulations which reduce the level of heat in structures, one can opt for various types of insulations in roof. Similarly, leakages in roof due to overlaps have been now replaced with new technology called standing seam which offers advantage due to its technology.” These technology help remediate the issues faced by customers while opting for pre-engineered structures.

Evaluating aesthetic requirements for product designs 

Since its inception, one of the major attributes on which any PEB is sold is its aesthetic appeal. As per views of Sanjay Kumar Khemka, Managing Director, Pinax Steel, unlike in conventional column-truss structures or in-situ fabricated sheds, the finishing of any PEB is far superior because of the manufacturing standards followed by any reputed brand. “Our design engineers, drafting team, production team, and erection engineers continue to focus on how to improve the appearance of our PEBs so that they eventually become our most coveted credentials and best performing “sales people”. We always keep a tab on newer developments in the PEB industry and outside, so that we can deliver our PEBs to the best satisfaction of our customers as far as aesthetics are concerned”, he adds.

Choice metal for roofing 

Steel, being the primary metal for structures hold supremacy in offerings reliability and durability. Here, Gautam highlights that Steel is preferred for structures as because it offers a fixed cost approach that allows you to plans your construction projects within a stipulated financial scale, and focus more on enhancing the construction speed. In addition, steel is considered to be the reliable form for making structures, and are widely accepted and recognised. 

Cost-effective solutions for PEB and roofing 

We, at Pinax, stay up to date on new advancements in the PEB sector and elsewhere so that we can deliver our PEBs to our customers’ satisfaction in terms of aesthetics, adds Sanjay. Emphasising further on it, he adds “Our design engineers, drawing team, production team, and erection engineers are all working to improve the appearance of our PEBs so that they become our most sought credentials and best-performing “sales people” in the future.” In addition, adopting these methods will allow us to stay ahead of the competition and grow our business. To improve our estimations, smoothen our indenting process and sequential despatch, and manage project cash flows, we’ve implemented smarter software. We have already implemented ERP to manage the entire flow-chart of our PEBs, from the generating of inquiries through the collection of completion certificates. In totality, all these contribute to minimising wastage and finishing projects on time to the best of customers’ expectations.

Commenting on the cost complication for Gautam explains that it may seem costly, but deep down it doesn’t incur much of cost, especially if you look at the time being saved at the project sites. “However, the estimates in conventional construction are very elastic, the final cost may vary dramatically. Whereas everything in steel structures and steel buildings is as estimated. In addition, most of the contracts are fixed-price-based contracts.”

Challenges in meeting the new age design demand 

This sector is dealing with change from conventional structures to latest technologies like standing seam with faster progress for customer satisfaction to opt for these structures. “We, at New Life Structures, offer end to end customised structures based on customer location and requirements so they can choose cost effective solutions. From optimised design to installation of pre-engineered structures with best quality materials is the advantage we offer for our customers.”

Innovations for metal roofing in India are leading to production and availability of diverse product applications, designs are driving the growth of metal and roofing businesses. Increasing investments along with governments focus on increasing infrastructure are in return boosting the demand and supply for PEB roofing in India.

Moreover, integration of latest technologies and roofing solutions by leading steel and PEB roofing manufacturers in terms of design and roofing structures rejuvenate confidence among the customers to adopt advanced roofing systems. 

Our design engineers, drafting team continue to focus on improving the appearance of our PEBs to deliver best performance and durability.
Sanjay Kumar Khemka, Managing Director, Pinax Steel 

Steel constructions and products are preferred as they require minimum time-frame for project completion, maintaining their salvage value.
Sunil Shrivastava, Co-Founder, New Life Steel Structures 

Steel structures may seem expensive but if you consider the project time being saved, cost will just be an another element.
Gautam Suri, Director, Interarch Building Products Pvt. Ltd. 

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