CNH Industrial (CNH) and HD Hyundai, leaders in the construction equipment industry, have unveiled a significant development in their ongoing collaboration during the CES Show in Las Vegas, USA.

Stefano Pampalone, President of Construction at CNH, and Young-Cheul Cho, President and CEO of HD Hyundai XiteSolution (HDX), signed a Memorandum of Understanding, marking the establishment of a joint research center in the United States.

The collaboration between CNH and HDX is a strategic move to leverage their extensive backgrounds in construction, combining unique areas of expertise and strengths. The primary objective is to accelerate the development and investment in innovative technologies that cater to the evolving needs of customers in the construction industry.

The newly established CE Innovation Lab will serve as a dedicated hub for exploring innovation opportunities within the construction sector. This interdisciplinary team, consisting of specialists from both CNH and HDX, will closely examine emerging technology trends, identify evolving customer needs, and explore prospects for portfolio enhancements and overall growth. Their collective efforts will contribute to advancing the development and widespread adoption of cutting-edge technologies, including automation and Artificial Intelligence.

As part of the collaboration, CNH and HDX will mutually benefit from each other’s technological capabilities. HDX will supply CNH with their patented AAVM+ (Advanced Around View Monitoring Plus) 360-degree camera and radar system, contributing to enhanced safety features. In return, CNH will provide HDX with Global Navigation Satellite System technologies through its Hemisphere brand.

Looking ahead, CNH and HDX anticipate expanding their collaborative efforts within the research center. This includes the co-development of new technologies and co-investment in innovative start-ups through their respective investment arms, CNH Ventures and HD Hyundai.

Stefano Pampalone, President of Construction at CNH, expressed enthusiasm about the expanded collaboration, states, “This joint effort will strengthen our commitment to growing CNH’s construction business and position both our companies as tech authorities in the industry.” Young-Cheul Cho, President and CEO of HDX, echoed the sentiment, emphasising the importance of the partnership extending beyond product collaboration to include future technologies. He states, “We look forward to working together even more closely to lead the way in the market.” The collaboration between CNH and HD Hyundai signifies a forward-looking approach to technological advancements and industry leadership.

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