Doka India’s Innovative Formwork Solution Defies Engineering Challenges, Completes India’s Largest Cable Stay Bridge.

Doka India, a leading provider of formwork and engineering solutions, has successfully completed the construction of the impressive 900-meter Dwarka Bridge, delivering vital connectivity to Gujarat’s northwestern region.

The project involved the construction of a central cable-stayed bridge spanning 900 meters, accompanied by highway approaches, retaining walls extending 3.5 kilometers, and approach structures totaling 1.42 kilometers on each side. The bridge, with a width of 29.6 meters accommodating four lanes, contributes to an overall project length of 2.5 kilometers.

Notably, the cable-stayed bridge stands as India’s largest of its kind, stretching an impressive 500 meters in length. Supporting the entire structure are 76 cables, presenting significant engineering complexities. However, the most challenging aspect of the project lay in designing the curved pylons, featuring a vertical structure with angles of 20.1 degrees at the center, 22.6 degrees to the left, and 19 degrees to the right. This unique requirement demanded a highly customised formwork solution, ensuring precise adherence to the engineering specifications.

Doka India, entrusted with the contract to provide formwork solutions for the two ‘A’-shaped composite pylons, situated in the open waters of the Gulf of Kutch, rose to the occasion. The complex undertaking was meticulously designed by Yogesh Patil, Doka India’s Group Leader Engineering, and Pramendra Singh, Doka India’s Project Engineer. Moreover, the skilled Doka Formwork Instructor team, consisting of Ash Narayan Singh and Bijaya Kumar Swain, not only devised a solution that met the project’s requirements but also provided on-site training to stakeholders, fostering a safe and adaptable learning environment.

Singh, praising the capabilities of Doka’s products, particularly the Automatic climbing formwork SKE plus, stated, “Our key asset, especially for the pylons, was the fully modular and crane-independent SKE plus system. It allowed us to work efficiently on the complex pylon shape while ensuring protection from weather and height challenges. The hydraulic system also contributed to significant time savings during repositioning.”

Throughout the project, Doka’s product solutions, including SKE50, SKE100, SKE100 plus, Top50, and Shaft Platform, played a pivotal role in supporting the timely execution.

SP Singla Constructions, the contractor overseeing the project, commended Doka’s work. Devinder Singh, Project Manager, expressed satisfaction with the formwork installation for the curved pylon, highlighting the technical support that contributed to reducing overall cycle time. He also lauded the comprehensive training provided by Doka to their engineers, foremen, and on-site team, ensuring a smooth and safe operation throughout the construction process.

Doka India’s successful completion of the Dwarka Bridge stands as a testament to their expertise in tackling engineering challenges and delivering exceptional formwork solutions. The bridge’s completion marks a significant milestone in enhancing connectivity and infrastructure development in Gujarat.

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